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Lucky Luke

Section Solution Et Astuces.

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Lucky Luke
Edité par Infogrames
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Edité par Infogrames
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Photo de la boite de Lucky Luke

Codes des niveaux

Diligence : Rantanplan - Dalton - Jolly Jumper - Lucky Lucke -Jolly Jumper
Painful Gulch : Rantanplan - Rantanplan - Dalton - Dalton -Lucky Lucke
Train : Lucky Lucke - Jolly Jumper - Jolly Jumper - Dalton - Lucky Lucke
Saloon : Jolly Jumper - Dalton - Jolly Jumper - Dalton - Rantanplan
Steppe : Dalton - Lucky Lucke - Lucky Lucke - Rantanplan - Jolly Jumper
Bison : Rantanplan - Jolly Jumper - Lucky Lucke - Dalton - Dalton
Ranch : Lucky Lucke - Jolly Jumper - Rantanplan - Dalton - Rantanplan
Rapide : Jolly Jumper - Jolly Jumper - Lucky Lucke - Rantanplan - Dalton
Montagne cheyenne : Dalton - Rantanplan - Lucky Lucke - Jolly Jumper - Rantanplan
Tornade : Lucky Lucke - Lucky Lucke - Rantanplan - Dalton - Jolly Jumper
Pénitencier : Rantanplan - Jolly Jumper - Lucky Lucke - Dalton - Rantanplan